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"Heinrich has proven to be a diamond in the business world. His work ethic is excellent and he is continuously striving for improvement. He is innovative and works well under pressure and with difficult people. It has been great working with Heinrich and he is definitely someone I will call on again should the need arise."

Caron Petersen


"A clear individual and clear thinker with unbelievable dedication and integrity."

David Donde


"Heinrich is a highly motivated, spontaneous and forward-thinking individual. He was a invaluable colleague, an integral part of a successful team, and remains a good friend.”

Dirk Hanekom


“Heinrich has a superb work ethic, the ability to always go more than the extra mile, absolute professionalism and devotion to the task on hand. Additionally he has the ability to successfully interpret the customers’ needs and tailor make a plan of action to ensure that the desired outcome is achieved.”

Sharni Malan


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